Bio-Clean Plus


Citrus based concrete stripper Bio-Clean Plus is a powerful, water-dilutable stripper with a formulation to deeply penetrate concrete floor and wall surfaces. The result is safe and effective removal of most surface contaminants. Use it to remove most curing compounds, tilt-up bondbreakers, paints and coatings. Bio-Clean Plus’s fast-acting formulation also removes bondbreaker and curing compound residue. Lastly, after cleaning, all that remains is a pleasant citrus and pine scent.

Bio-Clean Plus is Green Engineered™ and meets all federal and state VOC requirements. This product is Consumer Products Compliant and also complies with VOC regulations for use in California, LADCO, OTC and Canada.


  • Meets federal and state VOC requirements
  • Contaminants remove quickly due to the fast-acting formula
  • Thorough removal as a result of deep penetration
  • Removes bondbreaker and curing compound residue
  • Easily diluted, super-concentrated formula
  • Dilute with water according to specific needs
  • 100% biodegradable, non-toxic therefore safer and more effective than other conventional solvent based strippers
  • High solvency and slow drying formulation thereby ensuring deep penetration as well as thorough removal of all coating residue
  • Pleasant citrus and pine scent


  • New and existing interior or exterior concrete floor and wall surfaces
  • Remove/strip bondbreaker or curing compound residue prior to application of other floor or wall treatments, coverings or coatings
  • Strip or remove unsightly, scratched or worn out floor paints and coatings

Please note: Bio-Clean Plus must be diluted to a minimum of 2:1 (2 parts Bio-Clean Plus to 1 part water) to comply with the Consumer Products VOC requirement for paint remover or stripper in California, Utah, LADCO, OTC and Canada clean air districts.